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C.H. Robinson is an American Fortune 500 provider of multimodal transportation services and third-party logistics (3PL). The company offers freight transportation, transportation management, brokerage and warehousing. It offers truckload, less than truckload, air freight, intermodal, and ocean transportation.

A former account coordinator shared his experience "C.H. Robinson has horrible leadership. Company is not diverse and don’t promote based off job performance but personal feelings. The company furloughed 7% of their employees but the Dallas LTL Service Center hired 4 people and brought back their furloughed employees but let go their EXPERIENCED furloughed employees for “lack of business.” How can a company justify a layoff but hire people for the same role.? What a joke on the behalf of leadership!"


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Coordinador Logístico says

"No hay crecimiento vertical, la competencia paga mejor, oficina en edificio en muy malas condiciones, no hay utilidades, bono en base al crecimiento de la oficina"

Customer Service says

"Mal clima laboral Desigualdad en salarios No cuenta tu opinión Te descuentan conceptos en tu sueldo y nadie sabe darte una explicación Acoso laboral y RRHH no hace nada"


"Los gerentes solo hacen crecer a sus amigos y aliados ente comillas los chupa medias. No dejan crecer a la gente que piensa diferente. El clima es negativo"

Operador says

"El clima laboral es muy malo y si tenes ganas de progresar profesionalmente este no es el lugar. Las diferencias del empleador beneficiando a algunos empleados por encima de otros es frecuente."

Anonymous says

"Sumamente estresante. Las personas salen de la oficina y continúan trabajando en sus casas desde ordenadores portátiles (los supervisores) y desde los grupos de WhatsApp (otros miembros del equipo). Te dan teléfonos móviles para que sigas trabajando durante tu tiempo libre. Si no te importa mucho tu vida personal, este es el trabajo para ti."

Empleado actual - Director De Cuentas says

"Muy poco entrenamiento Sin apoyo a la dirección La dirección tiene algunos problemas serios de autoestima. A menudo, caminan con un bate de béisbol en la mano alrededor de la oficina. Tal vez les haga sentir más masculinos. Por supuesto, esto afecta negativamente a todos los que les rodean y crea un ambiente estresante. Un montón de puñaladas por la espalda Ciertos líderes de equipo están muy nerviosos y con mucha frecuencia gritan y golpean el escritorio. Nada profesional. La directiva no dice nada sobre ese comportamiento, que es una mala gestión. A los directivos de cuentas se les presiona para que hagan crecer sus cuentas A los representantes del operador se les presiona para que encuentren un operador que acepte precios mucho más bajos que el precio normal. Hay que trabajar horas extra."

Empleado actual - Representante de compañía de transportes says

"Oportunidades de desarrollo limitadas para transportistas. Cuando empiezas a trabajar en una sucursal lo máximo a lo que puedes aspirar es a jefe de equipo. La estructura en secciones está dividida en tres niveles: la sección de dirección, los jefes de equipo y los trabajadores. Trabajar horas extras se considera normal"

Ejecutivo says

"Es una empresa con poco crecimiento vertical, todo es muy horizontal, te demanda 24/7, no hay puestos fijos, estress, trabajo bajo mucha presión"

Sales Representative says

"Mal clima laboral se debe gestionar mejor para que esa parte mejore hay gente buena pero hacen que más personas trabajen solo por dinero"

Anonymous says

"Dependiendo de la oficina en que trabajes, puedes encontrar un ambiente muy competitivo. El trabajo no es muy motivador y podría volverse monótono. Mucho estrés y presión desde la dirección."

Ocean Import Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Such a shame for a company to NOT pay to their employees when they are in stress leave due to burn out of work flow. Uneducated and awful management team , not understanding at all, never pay attention to employees and just want profit and profit. Strongly recommend to NEVER work for this company.They caused me to leave the country because they don'pay my rights. I never had such an experience in my life!"

Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"CH is a good company but leadership is horrible. Company is not diverse and don’t promote based off job performance but personal feelings. The company furloughed 7% of their employees but the Dallas LTL Service Center hired 4 people and brought back their furloughed employees but let go their EXPERIENCED furloughed employees for “lack of business.” How can a company justify a layoff but hire people for the same role.? What a joke on the behalf of leadership!None"

Customs Entry Writer (Current Employee) says

"My job used to be great until they changed management. I work in the customs department and for some reason they decided to replace our manager (who has managed the department for over 30 years) with a woman that has no experience at all in customs. Our department is completely falling apart and we are working so hard just to keep our heads above water. New manager has no idea what she’s doing and would’ve most time consuming pointless tasks because she’s bored that have nothing to do with our work, than to actually let us do our work. We need new management. rather girl usNothingEverything"

Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Micromanaged, promises given were never meant, horrible management. work life balance - does not exist, even though talked about regularly. Pay/ benefits are decent -"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company does not value or respect it's employees. There are many loyal people there that continue to work because they feel like they have already put in a lot of time and dont have many other options.Poor management, corporate culture that does not value or respect employees."

Operations Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Very negative environment. Low pay. Lots of gossiping including from management. No organization, especially in training which makes it kind of stressful. The only positive thing is a few kind people and a cafe."

Customs Import Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Not recommending customs dept. at all.Poor salary, your efforts are not appreciated, messy, stressful,the management is fake, they talk nicely but act as it is suitable for them.No advancements. No proper trainings as everybody is or pretending to be busy.Employees are not motivated to work and the customer service is pooooor.You may negotiate a better salary or you will be stack with the same salary for the rest of your days at CH."

Transportation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't tell anyone to work here at all. they do not play fair they fire people out the blew when they don't like you. they have leaders that do not know how to lead at all."

Senior Global Forwarding Agent- Billing team lead (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks they treat people like their idiots.they have preferences to certain people and you have to kiss butt to get promoted they don’t care for the good people and management triggers only certain people"

Carrier Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely terrible work environment and culture with very little to no upward mobility or career advancement. Extremely competitive, with zero loyalty among co workers and superiors."

Whatever/Whenever Agent (Former Employee) says

"This place is like Highschool!! Either your in or your out! They throw work on top of more work. Leadership is none..they snicker and gossip worse than the employees. Glad to be out out there!"

Shipping Information Specialist/LTL support (Former Employee) says

"CHR keeps bad employees and lets their hard workers go because they speak up about the lack of work ethic their bad employees have. CHR is a scam you work hard and do not get paid for it. This company is horrible."

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"trying to be a "cool culture" but if you're not on the inside, you don't matter. they do what they want to accommodate management, make promises and never follow through. drag you along."

Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Overall did not enjoy my experience there, poor management, horrible clients, nothing collaborative. You were rewarded with growth the more hours you put in, terrible work life balance."

Senior Account Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"If you have a frat boy lifestyle, this job is for you! Very racist! If you are African American, don’t work here! This was the worst job I’ve ever had"

Accounting Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The management was horrible. Boss had not a clue as to what he was doing. No training. No benefits. No advancement. I would never suggest anyone work for this company! Horrible experience!!NoneToo many to list!"

Customer Service Professional/Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"at the beginning it was a nice place then became favoritism to certain employees and towards the end when I was let go the management didn't care and I couldn't say good bye to anyone they just wanted me to leaveteamwork on a few of my positionsraises wan't fair"

Operations representative (Current Employee) says

"Just dont work here unless you want to plug numbers all day the management is awful. There is no leadership or teamwork. The operations are comsistantly changing. They do not care about you."

Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Bad management- micromanagement at its finest! If you are not part of the boys club, you are on the bottom. Even if you get top marks on your review they will find a way to give you 1% for your raise. They are cheap and they fully admit it. RUN AND RUN AWAY FAST!Excellent benefitsManagement, management and management"

Global Forwarding Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"As an African American working for this company I never felt comfortable or like I was in a place that would give me an opportunity to grow. I received sub-par training and was then expect to deliver results. Since this job I went back to school to peruse a new career that has more opportunities for me."

Alex says

"CH Robinson (chrobinson.com) is the most incompetent forwarder you can ever run into. I hired them to ship a cargo from China, which left on Sep 29 and arrived in the US on Oct 23.
They were supposed to label my cartons in the US and ship them to Amazon by end of Nov.
My products are seasonal and only sell in December. So end of Nov was perfect, just in time for the December sales.

But CH Robinson managed to lose my cargo along the way. They said that they re-scheduled the delivery for Dec 10, but that was missed too. I never got an update from them, I had to constantly email them asking for an update.

Around Dec 20 they bothered to answer saying that the carrier misplaced the products and that they are trying to find them. So my December sales were gone. Note that I took a loan to get these products which now I can't sell until Dec next year.

After a few days, CH Robinson said that they found the products and that they are pressing the carrier for delivery to Amazon.
I asked them for a refund, and they answered that they keep pressing the carrier to deliver but this will not happen any time soon, because the carrier is not fully loaded and that they are waiting to load fully!!!

Today is Dec 28 and not only that my products weren't delivered, but they're not even scheduled!

They don't want to take any responsibility for their incompetence and don't even want to discuss about refunds or paying damages.

I now have to take legal action against them.

If anybody is in the same situation as I am, please contact me so we can discuss our legal options."

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